Hello sex. Meet your halo. Consider yourself holy. You are what brings together earth and sky.

Sex, for me, was always a subject to be avoided, something that was frowned upon. I come from an extremely christian background where sex was considered dirty. Though I have let go of my christian beliefs I still seek holiness and connection.

The halo sanctifies bodyparts that are traditionally not considered holy. The image of the ancient Icon was always meant to connect heaven and earth, in one sacred earthly image. To use this image of the Icon, I make sex honourable and a thing of beauty.

I invite you to look at sex in a way that you may not have considered yet. For me, to draw this was a necessity, for you it could be a nice picture, or something else.

Icon Nection I
pen and oil paint on paper (size 90 x 120 cm)

Icon Nection II (lino prints) size 90 x 120 cm